Why zara won’t sell your water bottles

zara will no longer be selling water bottles to its customers, but rather its branded products, which will include water bottles with customizable water bottles and custom branded water bottles.

This change will take effect January 10th, 2017, the brand said.

Zara will not sell the water bottles until at least the end of the year.

Customization Zara is offering customers the opportunity to customize their water bottles by adding new colors, sizes, and designs.

To do so, customers can select the water bottle as the “customizable” option and they will be given the option to purchase a personalized bottle or simply change the design on their bottle.

Zalba, a company that specializes in water bottles said the new customization option will allow customers to choose their favorite water bottle color, size, and design.

Customizing Zara water bottles will be available to customers starting January 10, 2017.

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