Why Xbox’s new ‘windstream’ customer service won’t be the next wave of console support

Microsoft Corp. is launching a new customer service tool, “Windstream,” aimed at making its Xbox games more appealing to customers and boosting sales of its new console.

The tool will allow people to ask questions and send messages to customers who might not have been able to reach them before.

The company says that by adding customer service to its existing console offerings, it can deliver better customer service.

But the move is unlikely to boost Xbox sales as much as the company has hoped, and it may have to contend with its own declining Xbox sales.

The Xbox has struggled with declining Xbox unit sales, which have slipped to a 14% annual decline from the previous year.

It has also been hit by problems with its cloud-based cloud-gaming service.

Microsoft’s Xbox Live, which is used to stream games to and from Xbox Live accounts, also has struggled.

The service has seen sluggish growth in recent months as the Xbox One and Xbox One X launch.

The Microsoft Xbox is a console that runs on the Xbox platform, and runs a Windows software suite.

The console is also a console for gaming.

The software suite is powered by Microsoft’s Azure cloud-computing service, which includes the ability to run on Windows, Linux and Mac computers.

Microsoft has been working to improve the Xbox Live software suite since at least 2012, but some customers say the service has been slow to catch up with the rise of Microsoft’s other services like Skype.

Microsoft said in its earnings report that it will add customer service for Xbox games as part of a “full suite of product and service enhancements” in May.

Microsoft and its partners have said they will improve Xbox Live by allowing people to send and receive messages.

Microsoft is also rolling out new Xbox One game updates in the coming months, including new online features for Xbox Live and new games and applications.

Microsoft also announced today that it is launching an Xbox app store in April, which will allow Xbox owners to access the service on a mobile device or on the Web.

The app store will include games, apps and other Xbox content, including games from Microsoft’s own games library.

The apps will be available for both Xbox One consoles and Xbox 360 consoles.

Microsoft will not provide details about the app store, but a person familiar with the matter said it will allow the company to attract more developers to Xbox.

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