Why Microsoft could have a ‘reset button’ on its console platform

The next major gaming console from Microsoft could be powered by a software refresh, which would allow developers to create new features for the console, rather than having to wait for a new generation of consoles to arrive.

That would allow gamers to have a fresh, shiny console that they can play with their friends without having to worry about compatibility issues with their current software.

The move would allow Microsoft to release a new console every two years, instead of five, which has been the norm for several console generations.

The company has released three new consoles since its Xbox One launched in 2014.

It also comes amid Microsoft’s attempts to diversify its product portfolio, which it announced last month.

Microsoft’s new console would be built on a new chip architecture, which is a newer, cheaper and more powerful form of silicon than that used on the Xbox One.

The company said the new chip could be used for “mobile and cloud-based computing, cloud-enabled gaming, and for applications like productivity and entertainment.”

Microsoft could also add new features and capabilities to the new platform to make it more attractive to gamers, like a new “VR-enabled” controller that would let users create and play games with their existing hardware.

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