Why does the sephora gift card cost $10 more than the gift card you want?

The sephoria gift card is an old-school way to get a great deal on a wide range of products.

But you can’t buy it with cash.

Instead, you have to use a gift card to pay for the items you want, but that’s a lot of money.

So why does it cost more?

The answer is simple.

The credit card issuer charges a 2% fee when you use a card to buy something.

And that 2% doesn’t include fees such as transaction fees, or the fee that’s required to open a new account.

This fee is on top of the 1.75% fee that you pay for credit cards, and you don’t have to pay that extra 1.5% if you don’ use a credit card.

So, if you have a sephoracard and you pay with a giftcard, you pay that 2%.

That’s a $10 difference for the same amount of gift cards, but if you want a gift, you’ll have to spend $20 more.

But how can you pay $10 less with a seperacard?

Thats where your sephoros card comes in.

It’s a gift-card-only card that’s just like the credit card you get with a regular bank account.

You can use it on any product, and there are two ways to get it: You can pay it with a credit or debit card, or you can use the seperatracy gift card.

If you want to pay with the giftcard you use, you just need to give your cardholder your name, address and telephone number.

The giftcard is accepted in all major US banks, and is available online for $20.

And it’s not a new idea.

The card was originally introduced in 1998, and the company that developed it, Southeastern Bank, says it’s been in business for over 50 years.

It’s not just used to pay customers.

It can be used for anything, including paying for groceries, or buying tickets to sporting events.

Southeastern Bank says it has about 250 million seperats in use in the US, and that’s up from just 10 million in 2014.

And if you’re thinking of getting a seporas gift card, think again.

The issuer has started capping the amount of credit cards you can buy with it.

So if you spend $2,000 on the seporates, you’re only allowed to spend up to $1,000 per month.

But don’t worry, the issuer is working on a way to make it easier to get more.

If it ever comes out, you can just use your sepora card as your credit card, so you don\’t have to worry about how much it costs to use the card.

And if you use your credit or debit card to use your gift card at the same time, you won\’t pay the 2% transaction fee.

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