Which riders are the most loyal?

A new study from L2 Networks, a data-driven marketing company, shows ridership trends and customer service issues are among the most common complaints and issues among riders.

The survey, which polled more than 100,000 riders, shows that a majority of riders are dissatisfied with their customer service and lack of timely response to customer issues, the company said.

The L2 Network survey showed that over two-thirds of riders, 66 percent, said they have issues with customer service (including complaints about lack of time to respond to customer service calls) and over half said they are dissatisfied that their customer is not able to contact them directly (including requests for an extension).

The most common complaint is not being able to find a customer service representative (57 percent) and the most frequent complaints are with the customer service team (39 percent).

Most riders also have problems with the pace of the ride, which the L2 study says is often inconsistent with the schedule.

“It seems that the pace is too slow, the pace isn’t consistent enough, the pacing is off, or the riders are getting frustrated by the pace,” the survey said.

L2 Networks said riders have been unhappy with the speed of the pace since at least 2012, but they often complained that it didn’t stop at a designated finish line.

The average rider reported that the average speed on a ride that they participated in was 4.3 mph (8.4 kph), and they often did not know how to set a pace.

L3, a new ride-sharing startup that uses drones and other sensors to connect riders to rides, also found riders had complained that they were not receiving a prompt response to their questions and concerns.

L1, another ride-share company, found that riders had been frustrated about a lack of speed and reliability during its testing, but it said the complaints are more common among customers who are dissatisfied about speed.

The company also said many riders reported that they are having trouble accessing customer service during rides.

It also said the majority of complaints were related to poor communication, poor customer service representatives, poor pace, poor communication and riders not getting to a designated line.

L5, a ride-hailing startup that launched in the spring, also said riders are complaining about poor communication.

The company said it has had riders report that they have difficulty accessing customer support during rides, and the company is working on improving communication.

The results of the survey will be used to improve the customer experience, the companies said in a statement.

The poll was conducted between Feb. 24 and Feb. 28 and was conducted among 2,906 riders who participated in a ride sharing program called RideShare.

The ride-hire companies L2 and L3 said the survey was conducted by L2, which has been operating in the United States since 2015.

The companies said the results of this survey reflect L2’s unique brand and experience and is the most accurate survey of riders L2 has conducted in years.

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