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What about an Xbox 360 controller?

The new Xbox 360, which Microsoft recently unveiled for the first time, was a big step forward in console gaming, but many of its competitors are also now making similar improvements.

For instance, the Sony PlayStation 3 and the Microsoft Xbox 360 have also received updates that allow them to be played with a controller, even if the Xbox 360 is locked to a controller.

Some gamers might also find the Xbox Live Arcade controller a little intimidating, but for others, its an easy way to connect with friends.

For example, if you live in a small town, you might find it a little difficult to get a game like Angry Birds on the 360.

The game was initially available only on Xbox 360s and was restricted to only a few local multiplayer maps, but Microsoft recently rolled out the game to Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

To use the Xbox One’s controller, simply hold down the R and then right click.

You can choose which controller you want to use, and then select ‘Play Xbox One’.

You’ll be given the option to change the controller’s colour.

To play Angry Birds with a different controller, just drag and drop the Angry Birds icon onto the Start menu.

The controller is easy to get used to, but some of the more advanced features are not so straightforward.

For example, you won’t be able to control your avatar in the game unless you use a controller that supports facial recognition.

The Kinect sensor on the Xbox controller, for example, only allows you to see the character’s body, so you’ll have to tap on the avatar to interact with it.

The Kinect also doesn’t support voice commands, which makes it difficult to find out what commands your avatar is asking for.

To use your Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 controller, first press and hold the Xbox button to launch the Kinect app, then hold down both the Xbox and PS buttons until the Kinect icon appears.

On the Xbox app, you’ll find your controller’s name and the name of the controller you’re using.

You’ll also be able send voice commands using the Xbox SmartGlass app.

On PlayStation 4, the voice recognition feature will also be available, and you’ll be able search for games using the PS app, as well as accessing your library of games and songs.

You can also use the PS Camera app on your PS4 controller, and use it to play Angry Bird with a friend.

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