We’re the happiest people in the world

New York is a city of extremes.

It is the epicenter of the worst pandemic ever, and it is also home to one of the most amazing and beautiful cities in the United States.

Its streets and parks are dotted with restaurants and bars, and the weather is always ideal for a night out.

There is no better way to feel good about yourself than to be in the city.

But when it comes to being happy, New Yorkers are not always as happy as they should be.

Here are five things you need to know about happiness.


New York Is a Place of Doubt and Doubtfulness The city is the perfect home for many of the people who have no business there.

The median household income in the Big Apple is $80,000, but residents are only slightly more likely than residents of any other city in the country to be employed full-time.

While the average annual household income is slightly higher, the New York City average is $63,000.

If that isn’t enough to make you feel good, consider this: New York’s population has more people than it has houses.

And it has a higher percentage of working-age residents.

In the year 2016, more than a third of New York residents were either in school or working full-hours, and less than half of them had jobs.

According to a 2015 study, the city’s unemployment rate is about double that of the national average.

This is not an exaggeration.

New Yorkers work an average of more than nine hours per day.


New Jersey Is a City of Ambition, Wealth, and Opportunity The people of New Jersey are passionate about their city.

The state’s economic boom in the early 20th century, when the region was a hub of manufacturing, helped propel the state to become one of America’s top economic engines.

In recent years, New Jersey has experienced a surge in its share of the global economy, but the economy hasn’t kept up with the influx of new residents and businesses.

More than one-third of New Yorkers have been in the labor force for less than a year, and one in four New Jerseyans have jobs in the private sector.

New workers often find it hard to find work in cities with higher incomes, and this means they end up being laid off.

The New Jersey unemployment rate was 9.6% in 2016, but it was nearly 20% higher than the national rate of 5.1%.


New Orleans Is a Beautiful City with a Beautiful Life The city of New Orleans has one of North America’s largest metropolitan areas, boasting one of its most diverse populations.

The French Quarter has become a popular destination for tourists and art lovers, but people in New Orleans are not just a part of the cityscape.

They live it.

In fact, in the year 2000, New Orleans had the highest median household incomes in the nation.

Its unemployment rate of 7.6%, or 2.2%, was slightly higher than that of all other cities in New York state.

The city’s high rate of income inequality and its high cost of living makes it difficult for people to live independently.

But the city is also famous for its rich history, which is why New Orleans was named the most livable city in America by Forbes.


Houston Is the Most Livable City in America, but its residents Are Not Always Happy This city has one city in particular that has a particularly high rate.

Houston is a large city, with a population of nearly half a million people.

Houstonians tend to be more affluent than residents in other parts of the country, but they are also relatively poor.

That makes it hard for them to make ends meet.

In 2016, Houston’s median household earnings were $51,300, a rate that is only slightly higher (by $1,600) than the statewide average of $42,200.

Houston also had the fourth highest median income in America in 2015.


Seattle Is Not Your Typical Midwestern city Although its population is small (its population is less than 1 million), Seattle is a hub for innovation and entrepreneurship.

The Seattle metropolitan area is home to more than 20 universities and is home of a vibrant tech scene.

The local government is also one of Washington state’s most powerful, with the largest tax base in the state.

This means that many people in Seattle have a good chance of making more money than they could in other places.


Washington Is a State of Extremes The state is famous for having one of highest rates of suicides in the entire country.

In 2015, Seattle had the second-highest suicide rate in the U.S. The number of people who died from suicide in Seattle in 2016 was about 1,000 more than the entire U.K. 7.

Houston and New Orleans Are the Worst Cities in America But You Can’t Go to Any of Them Without Finding the Best Place to Live In Houston and Louisiana are among the top cities in

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