Watch: Woman pleads guilty to murder of two Boa Constrictors

A Melbourne woman has pleaded guilty to killing two boa constrictors in a backyard party.

Magistrate Michael McBride told the court that Rachael Gaudreis, 22, pleaded guilty on Thursday to the manslaughter of two boas.

Magistrates in Melbourne heard that Gaudres son, Matthew, was at the party with two other people.

Magisterial District Judge Daniel Bailie said the case was “a tragedy”.

“It is clear you took the lives of two large boas,” he said.

“The first of these was a female that you killed in your own backyard.

The other was a male that you also killed.”

Magistrate Bailies sentencing hearing Mr Baily said Gauders son had to undergo a medical assessment before the sentence was handed down.

“This was a very, very tragic day for both parties,” he told the hearing.

Magid Police Detective Senior Sergeant Darren Smith said a boa-related death had taken place at a property on the Gold Coast in August 2016.

“He (Gaudres) was the one who went into the backyard and saw the dead boa,” Detective Sergeant Smith said.

Detective Sergeant Samuel Liddell, from the Magid police, said Gretson had pleaded guilty at a previous hearing to the same charges.

“She’s guilty of manslaughter, that’s what it was,” he alleged.

Mr Liddel said it was believed that Gretsons son had been living at the property with another person.

“If he was at that property with anyone, he was a danger to himself,” he added.

The judge said Gretson would be sentenced on January 6.

The trial continues.

The ABC’s Sarah Breen reports from Melbourne.

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