Top five most expensive countries to buy a new car

The UK is the most expensive country to buy an Australian car, according to new research.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics data shows the country has the second highest price for a new vehicle.

The report by market research firm Autotrader shows that the UK is currently the second most expensive place to buy cars in Australia, with a combined average price of £39,300.

The price of a car in the UK has increased by 13 per cent in the past year.

It’s the highest increase in almost 10 years.

UK cars are priced at the same level as their US counterparts, and the average cost of a new Australian car is almost double that of the UK.

The figures show the UK’s most expensive car is the Nissan Leaf, which costs £49,700.

The Toyota Prius is the cheapest car, at £30,100.

The cheapest car is a Mitsubishi Eclipse, priced at just £17,900.

The most expensive Australian car in terms of price is a Holden Commodore, priced just £18,000.

This comes as Australia is in the midst of a severe drought.

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