Sonics logo is ‘unfit for purpose’ as ‘custom tee shirt’ campaign launches in India

India’s official Twitter account posted a photo of a new shirt with a Sonic logo on the front.

The image, taken from a tweet by the company’s India Head, has been retweeted more than 1,000 times in the past 24 hours. 

The shirt, which costs ₹40 and is available in two colours, reads “Sonic, You Are The World”.

The company has also recently launched a new range of merchandise and branded clothing that includes branded gear for employees, including an electric scooter, a fitness bike, a stationary bike and a golf cart. 

In an earlier tweet, the company said it had taken down the product on Tuesday, but that it would offer refunds to customers if the product is not available in the stores.

The logo, a stylised version of the Sonic character, has also been spotted in other social media accounts of companies including Snapdeal, Snapdeal Retail and Flipkart.

In India, the country’s largest smartphone market, there have been growing concerns about the health of the local manufacturing sector, and how it is being handled by the countrys largest mobile carrier.

Last week, a local newspaper said it was investigating allegations that Tata Motors had been trying to push out rival Flipkard, and that a number of employees had complained of headaches, headaches and chest pains after the company had begun to push back against its rivals in the industry. 

On Thursday, a spokesman for the carrier told Reuters that the carrier had not been contacted by anyone about the image.

“The company has been fully transparent about the details of the issue,” the spokesman said.

“This is a normal thing that happens.

If we get a complaint, we will look into it and take appropriate action.”

The company also posted a tweet on Tuesday saying it would not be offering refunds on the merchandise.

“We are not offering refunds for our products,” the company tweeted.

“As a consumer we want to support the local economy and we want people to have the best shopping experience possible.

We will continue to work with our customers to help them with their shopping needs.”

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