Samsung’s new Galaxy S8: What to know and don’t buy

Samsung is adding a new smartwatch in the Galaxy S9 lineup, but you might want to avoid buying it if you’re planning on keeping your old Samsung phone.

The Galaxy S7 and S8 smartwatches have a couple things in common, and it’s a bit surprising that Samsung decided to do the same thing with the Galaxy Note 8.

The Note 8’s smartwatch was supposed to be the one to replace the Note 7.

It has a slightly different design and the battery life is a bit better, but the two devices share a few things in Common Sense, including a 5-megapixel camera and an infrared remote for controlling the device.

Samsung says the S8 and S9 will have an “always-on” mode, and you’ll be able to wake the watch and use the remote to adjust brightness, sound and the like.

But in this respect, Samsung is still missing out on a huge piece of functionality that’s common in Android Wear watches: voice commands.

Samsung said it would make the new smartwatch a “native app,” which means it’ll integrate with the phone’s existing messaging system and the Note 8 won’t have to be tied to a particular app.

But you won’t be able ask Samsung to do any of that.

Samsung’s Galaxy S phone has the same interface as its flagship phones, but there’s no way to ask the watch to change the screen’s brightness, change the brightness of your home screen, or add or remove icons.

You can, however, ask it to change its music playlist.

Samsung wants to use this to sell more smartwands that can be connected to other phones and other services.

And that’s something we’re very excited to see, because it could potentially make the S9 more like the Galaxy Tab S. For a start, it’s possible to make a phone-to-watch switch like this.

Samsung already sells a smartphone app that lets you make phone calls, text, and share photos using the Note 9.

The idea is to make the watch-to a phone call or text and then switch back to the phone later, with the Note 10 in the background.

Samsung is also looking to make this happen via Bluetooth, though the company isn’t saying exactly when that will happen.

But there’s also a chance that Samsung could use the watch as an add-on device to its other smartwatch devices.

For example, it could connect the watch with a Samsung Watch Sport or Galaxy Gear watch, or it could be used as a smartwatch to make phone call notifications on the Galaxy Gear.

The smartwatch is already the Samsung Watch.

What’s next?

As the S series has grown in popularity, Samsung has been building up its own hardware to compete with Apple and Google.

It’s made a smart speaker and smartwatch, but those products are all very much in line with the smartwatch design and feature set.

Samsung hasn’t yet announced anything like this, but if Samsung is really building its own smartwatch for the future, then the company might be ready to show off something in the next couple of months.

It’ll be interesting to see if the company will be able come out with something new at this point, and how much its competitors will pay attention.

The S8, S9, and S10 all have similar design and feel, but they’re very different from each other.

Samsung might have a strong lead with this next smartwatch and even the Note line, but that might be short-lived.

The company’s smartwearing devices have grown in size and popularity over the past year.

The phone has been replaced by an ever-growing number of smartwares.

Samsung may want to be careful what it’s saying about its smartwatch competition and be wary of losing its momentum.

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