PS4 controller for $499,000 has a PS4 Pro controller and a PS5 Pro controller, and you get a game controller and wireless mouse with it, too.

A couple of months ago, we showed you how Sony’s PS4 X controller works.

Now, we’ve gotten a few more pictures of the PS4 controllers with the PS5, and they look like they’re a bit better than the original.

The new controllers, however, don’t look exactly the same as the originals.

Instead of a traditional PS4 grip and a PlayStation button pad, we’re looking at a standard controller with a larger PlayStation button.

The new ones come in a variety of colors, including a black, white, and red one, which is slightly different from the originals, and it also comes with a special Sony logo on the top.

This isn’t the first time that Sony has made the PSX-branded controllers, and the new PSX controllers have been available for a while now.

However, they’re the first to use a PSX controller, so it’s a pretty big deal for the company.

It’s worth noting that the PS6 Pro controllers that are currently in the market are based on the PS10 and PS11 controllers, which are the most popular PSX and PSX Pro controllers.

The PSX versions of the controllers are much cheaper and feature a PS3 controller.

As we reported in May, Sony is also releasing the PS3 Pro controller with Bluetooth 4.0, which makes it the first PlayStation Pro controller to use Bluetooth.

The Bluetooth 4,0-powered PS3 controllers come in two different colors, and one of them is a dark purple color that we’ve seen before.

That controller also has a small button on the front that doubles as a Bluetooth speaker.

Sony is still using the PS2 controller in its PSX line, but the company is making its way to a variety for PS4.

For now, we have the new controller with the original PSX logo on it, and a black PS4 logo with red letters on the bottom.

There’s also a red button on top of the button.

It looks like Sony is focusing on the controller’s color scheme, but there are some other minor differences as well.

The front of the controller has a red dot, a smaller button on either side, and there’s a small, red, circle on the middle of the back.

There are also smaller black circles on the sides of the top and bottom of the buttons, but they’re less noticeable.

The PSXs also feature an upgraded power connector, which includes a red LED and a micro USB connector for charging the controller.

Sony is calling the power cable a DualShock 4, which it says means that it will charge the PS1 controllers at the same time as the PS X. That means that the power will be a bit more powerful than the standard PS4 power supply, but that means that there’s no need to worry about battery life on your PSX, since it’s powered by a USB-C port.

It will also work with all other PSX gamepads.

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