How to make a startup $200M with $300K in free funding

A startup with no customer service experience is like a homeless person on the streets, says an executive from a major tech company.

But what if that’s not what you’re looking for when you’re searching for funding?

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“If you don’t have any customer service or no customer support, then you can’t do it,” he says.

In fact, if you have any experience with customer service and customer support at all, you’ll be in a better position to succeed, says the executive.

“I know how difficult it can be to hire someone who’s been a customer and never had any problems with customers, but it can also be difficult to find someone who knows how to do that,” he explains.

“The best way to hire a person who has those skills is to have a great team.

But you also have to make sure that they’re motivated to get things done.”

What do you think about the idea that people with little or no experience in customer service are best suited to the job of launching a startup?

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