How to install custom decal and eft customs maps from the Cloud for Android using a simple command line tool

In my previous article about custom decaling in the Cloud, I wrote about using the Cloud to make custom decalling.

In this post, I will share a few simple commands to install and use custom decaled tiles for Android.

In the next post, we will see how to get the tiles from Google Cloud and share them with your Android device. 

Note: For the sake of keeping things simple, we are using a Cloud service called CloudDecal.

This service is free and allows you to add custom decAL tiles from Cloud and import them into your Android app. 

Download and install CloudDeca.

Once installed, open CloudDecala from the app drawer.

Navigate to the Custom tiles sub-section.

Click on the Custom decals button.

A popup window will appear that asks you to install the tiles.

Once you click the Install button, you will be prompted to select a name for the tile, enter a custom name and confirm. 

Once the tiles are installed, select the tiles you wish to use and hit the Install Now button.

Once the tiles have been installed, you should see the Custom tile overlay appear in the top right corner of your screen.

You will also be prompted for a name and a custom url for the tiles tile.

In my case, I have a custom URL that I will name “custom tile”. 

In the future, we may want to make the tiles available to other developers, but for now, we can just share the tiles with others. 

I hope you found this post helpful! 

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