How to help QVC win back customers in 2016 and beyond

The company, which also sells jewelry, clothing and toys, has faced pressure in recent years to increase its presence in China.

Last month, it closed a retail store in Shanghai and began making its own merchandise in partnership with Alibaba.

However, analysts say the new initiative will be difficult to pull off, particularly with the market for branded goods already saturated in the country.

In a recent earnings report, the company said that its sales from China have fallen for three consecutive quarters, with the fall in revenue offsetting an increase in profits. 

In 2016, the QVC Group saw sales decline 2.6% compared to a year earlier, as the company added fewer stores. 

While the company expects to post a similar decline this year, it also expects to record a 9.2% profit in 2017, compared to last year’s 8.1% loss.

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