How to get your account deleted from JetBlue customer service

JetBlue’s customer service team was forced to delete a user’s account after they complained about a flight they missed, the hacker collective said.

The hacker collective Anonymous is demanding JetBlue immediately take down the account of a user who allegedly posted a message in response to an incident where JetBlue employees called the woman who made the complaint a “bitch.”

In a statement, Anonymous said the woman was terminated after she filed a complaint with the airline’s customer care team.

In the complaint, the woman said she was denied entry to JetBlue flights on two occasions due to her “lack of knowledge and expertise.”

According to Anonymous, the airline said that the woman had “misconstrued the airline policies and had communicated her concerns to a customer service representative.”

“In our opinion, the actions taken by the company are unacceptable and are an unacceptable way to handle a customer’s complaint,” the hacker group said.

“In addition, the customer service representatives who called the customer, did not do their jobs.”

The group said that JetBlue said the incident was “isolated,” but that the employee’s account was deleted on September 11.

Anonymous said they will continue to pursue the matter.

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