How to get the latest software update on the internet

You can use a Google account to sign in to your Windows phone or tablet to get an update, but it’s a little trickier if you don’t have a Google ID.

This article explains how to get a Google Account and get the newest update for Windows Phone.

First, open up your Microsoft Account app.

Once there, click on the link that says, “Get updates for Windows”.

Click on the “Settings” tab, then “About phone”.

If you’re using a Surface Pro, you’ll be prompted to enter your Microsoft account password.

Then click on “Sign in with my Microsoft account”.

Once you’ve done that, click “Get my Windows Phone update now” at the bottom of the screen.

You’ll be presented with a dialog that asks you to enter a Microsoft account name and password.

If you don´t know your Microsoft ID or password, you can go here to check it.

Next, click the “Sign out” button.

Your device will now be signed out of Microsoft, but the Windows Phone app will still have an update available for download.

Open the Windows phone app.

Now, if you’re in the app, you should see an icon next to your name that says “Download Update”.

You can also just right click on it, click download update, and wait for the update to download.

If the update doesn’t appear on your phone yet, you might have to wait until Microsoft signs off on the app.

If this happens, click back on the update and try again.

If the download hasn’t downloaded, it may take a couple of hours or days to download on your device.

Once the update is complete, you need to unblock the update from your device or use the Windows update utility to remove the update.

Now that you have a Windows Phone version up to date, you don¿t have to do anything to install it.

Just click on Windows Update to get updates from Microsoft.

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