How to get the best customer service from your healthcare provider

Aetna and other healthcare providers are looking to cut costs as the Affordable Care Act’s insurance marketplaces struggle to survive.

Aetna is facing a huge backlash over the lack of support for the health plans it sells in the marketplaces.

That includes an issue that could affect more than 10 million Americans.

But Aetneas CEO Brian Boyle said in a letter to customers this week that the company is stepping up support for its customers.

Boyle, a former vice president at Aetnas parent company Anthem, wrote that he is also adding a special “Support Our Customers” campaign, and that the “Aetnea Support Our Customers Program” is “going live in an upcoming period.”

Aetana customers can find a complete list of all the different ways to get in touch with Aetanea at

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