How to get an invoice from your local bank or credit union

India is witnessing a new wave of cash-strapped consumers.

They’re increasingly taking to online payment options like Amazon’s, and it’s causing problems for businesses. 

What to do when your bank or a credit union tells you your transaction is “not in compliance”The latest example comes from a customer service representative from a local bank, who told the Times of Indian that the bank “is not in compliance with our requirements” for customer-facing payments, such as online purchases.

The representative was quoted as saying, “we have to get to know you and how you use our service” before accepting your payment.

“We have to know that you are not in a rush, and we need to do this as soon as possible, otherwise the payment will be rejected,” she was quoted saying.

In the case of a payment being rejected, the customer service rep suggested that customers call the bank and ask for a refund.

But it’s not the first time India has seen the need for this kind of intervention.

In 2016, a man was charged after receiving a $1,000 bill from his local bank after they told him he wasn’t in a hurry to make a payment.

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