How to fix an Apple Store’s weird bug with your smartphone

The Apple Store app for Android is a little strange on Windows Phone 8, but you can easily fix it.

After all, it’s just a Windows Phone app, right?

Well, no.

In a previous post, we showed how to use an Android app to get the app to work on Windows 8.

Now that we’re on Windows, let’s get to it.1.

Download and install the Windows Phone Store app.

This is a free download, so there’s no need to register.

Open the app, click the Settings button, then tap About.

You’ll see a section labeled Store apps.

Click on it to download the app.2.

Launch the app on Windows.

Select the app you downloaded.

You’ll be presented with a screen similar to the one below.

Tap Install Now.3.

Now, open the app in the Windows Store on your device.

Once the app is downloaded, select Install to open it.4.

Select the app that you just installed.

You’ll be prompted to authenticate your account with your Microsoft account.

If everything is working correctly, you’ll see the message, “Your Apple ID has been successfully added to the Store.

Please continue.”5.

Once you’re logged into the app with your Apple ID, tap the Apple icon on the upper right corner of the screen.6.

When prompted, select the Apple Store button and then tap the store button.

You can also access the Store from your browser, so if you want to see the app’s details, tap on the icon on your home screen, and then the Store icon.

You won’t need to log in with your account if you have a Microsoft account, though.

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