How to buy your first vehicle and start selling it in 2018

If you’re interested in getting started on your first Tesla vehicle, here are the steps to get started.


Determine your needs.

The first step is to determine your needs and what type of vehicle you want.

In a recent post on Medium, Elon Musk wrote, “You need to get into a car, but you don’t need to be in a car.”

This is because the average Tesla owner will never need to own a car for the long haul.

Musk’s advice for first-time owners: “Go into it with an open mind.”


Make a plan.

Before you start shopping for your first car, you need to make a plan to start selling the car.

To make that plan, start by thinking about your needs, and what kind of vehicle is right for you.

For example, you might want to drive to the grocery store.


Choose the right model.

Tesla offers two models, the Roadster and Model X. You’ll need to select the right vehicle.

If you want to buy a Model S, go with a more upscale sedan.

Or, if you’re a family, buy a Tesla Model X crossover.


Select the right dealer.

At the time of writing, the Tesla Model S and Model S Sedan are only available in select states.

But if you live in another state, you’ll need a Tesla dealer to order the car for you, and you’ll have to choose from a variety of different dealerships to make that purchase.


Order your Model S or Model X directly from Tesla.

This means that you’ll be getting the car directly from the Tesla factory, which means that it’ll arrive at your door in under an hour.

That’s faster than most retailers.


Select your delivery date.

Depending on your location, you may need to have your vehicle delivered at different times.

Here are some options for Tesla: You can get the vehicle delivered directly from an independent Tesla dealership.

You can order your Model X delivered directly to your home or business.


Make sure you have the correct insurance.

A new car requires an in-person inspection from a licensed Tesla mechanic.

However, if your vehicle has been previously inspected, you can also schedule an appointment at your local Tesla dealer.8.

Order the right paperwork.

Your vehicle is likely covered by California Vehicle Code Section 1609.

Additionally, you must have the proper documents for your purchase.

For example, if the car is a commercial vehicle, you should also have the following documents: a title, a manufacturer’s warranty card, a title deed, and a certificate of title.


Choose your dealer.

Tesla has a variety, including: a Tesla store, an independent dealership, and several franchised dealerships.


Purchase the right insurance.

The best way to insure your car is to choose the right policy.

There are a few different types of policies, depending on your vehicle: full coverage, low-premium, and limited liability.

While you can choose a policy that is only for your car, it may be better to choose a full-on car policy, because the deductible is high and it covers all your expenses.

And, if possible, you’d also want to choose something with a lower deductible.


Get your Model 3.

With the Model 3, Tesla is starting to offer the first production cars for the mass market, with an all-new design that looks a lot like the Model S sedan.

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