How much do you pay for your PC?

Microsoft’s latest version of its Windows 10 operating system includes a feature that lets you buy your own PC, according to a new report from Computerworld.

The feature, called Spectrum, is available for $49.99 in the US and $59.99 for Australia.

It lets you install new games on your PC, and get support from Microsoft.

The article is based on an article from that also notes the price difference is due to the software being available for free on Windows 10.

The US version of the software includes a $299 price tag.

Microsoft will start selling Spectrum in Australia on July 8, while the Australian version will launch on July 20.

Spectrum has already been available in Canada and the UK.

Computerworld said Microsoft plans to roll out Spectrum to the US, but hasn’t said when it will start doing so.

“It’s possible Spectrum could be available to users in the United States on July 7, but this is not yet clear,” it said.

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