How Google’s new ‘custom decals’ program will change the way you see ads, the way advertisers spend, and how you can fight them on the web

Recode’s Josh Greenfield talks about the tech giant’s plan to use its new “custom decal” program to change how ads are displayed on the internet.

1 / 7 Recode News Google has been using a different kind of “custom decorator” on its search engine for a while now, but Google is making the move official with a new new tool for developers.

The new tool is called the “Google Custom Decal Generator.”

It lets developers create their own custom, high-resolution custom decal to use on search results, the home page, and on ads that run on Google+.

The tool, which runs on the Android platform, lets developers easily add custom decorations to their own search results and ads.

To get started, developers can download the tool from the Google Developers Console and then install it on their device by selecting “Get the Google Custom Decals Toolkit.”

This tool lets developers control how their custom decorations appear in their search results.

Once the developer opens up the tool, it shows a “Custom Decal” template, with a couple options.

For the full set of options, developers must provide their own design.

Users can add custom decales to the Google search results page or the Google home page.

To show search results that contain your custom decaled decorations, Google’s designers can use the custom decaler’s default colors and fonts.

If you have a custom decale on your own website, the developer can then include it in your adverts.

The developer can choose from one of three options: A full-color, full-resolution, or custom decall that will appear at the top of the ad.

A “preview” version of the decale, showing only the background and the decorations.

A full resolution version of your custom decoration, showing the background but without any decorations.

Google has also announced that it will allow developers to upload their own themes to use in their own ads.

This allows developers to create custom adverts that look just like the default ads, but with custom decalls.

For example, the Google Ads team could make a theme for a “free” search result that says “Google search results.”

Google has released a tutorial on how to make your own custom decaling for the “custom decoration generator” tool, but you’ll need to find a Google Developer Developer Portal to do so.

Google is using this tool to help developers create custom search results for their own websites, as well as for their adverts and search results on the search engine.

Google also says that it is working on an ad-targeting program for its ads, so you can see the same results that you would see if your site was being served from Google, but not from a competitor.

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