‘F**k you, you’re f**king stupid’: Why this Georgia football player is leaving ESPN

A Georgia football players dad was suspended for his actions at the Georgia Tech game last season, after he was filmed confronting his son.

In an emotional Facebook video posted to Twitter on Thursday, the father, Mike Filippi, who coaches the Georgia Bulldogs, described the experience of playing in the game as “f**king dumb.”

“My son just called me, he’s my son.

I’m a dad, I know what it’s like.

I don’t even know how I can say that,” he said.

“I don’t know what to do.

I told him, ‘You can call me any time.

I’ll come over.’

I was in the end zone, so I got to tell him.

I got a call and I just went to go and call him.”

Filippi said his son called him back later that night.

He said his wife, who is a football player herself, was watching the game from her home in Atlanta when she heard her husband call.

“She was like, ‘Dad, you need to go, you are f**kin stupid,'” Filippis said.

He called her, and she answered.

“My wife and I are watching and my husband’s talking about f**kin stupid.

I asked, ‘What?’

And she goes, ‘Mom, he was f**ked up,'” he said in the video.

Filippis went to the field, but he was suspended by his coaches.

He said he was allowed to go out for dinner with his family in his car.

“I was sitting there with my wife, watching the football game, when all of a sudden my dad comes to me and says, ‘Mike, you can call if you want.

You can call anytime,'” he recounted.

“He said, ‘I just need to be with my family, and if I get suspended, I’ll call me.”

He said he had not called his son, but said his family had called him multiple times since the game.

“So I called him and he’s like, oh, I can’t do it, he told me,” he told ESPN.

“So I just started crying, and I went to bed, and my wife was like ‘Oh my god, what’s going on?'”

Georgia Tech suspended Filippies son for 10 games after the video was posted.

In the post, Filippias wife said he is a good man who has no excuses for his behavior.

“He’s not going to go through anything, and that’s what we should be saying all the time.

It’s not right to make excuses,” he wrote.”

Our families are our first line of defense.

He’s not responsible for what he did.

And if he wants to go home to his family and his friends and get help, then he’s welcome to do that.

He just needs to stop talking like this.

He needs to sit down, and listen to what his parents have to say.

He doesn’t have to do it anymore.”

Georgia Tech coach Kirby Smart said in a statement that he had spoken with the father.

“Coach Smart has spoken to the father and he has expressed his appreciation for the family’s efforts to support him and his family through this difficult time,” the statement read.

“Coach Smart is committed to continuing to support the families in their time of need and will continue to do so through his support of the Bulldogs’ football team.”

Fellow players reacted to the suspension, tweeting that the incident is nothing new for the team.

“This is nothing we’ve seen before.

This is a normal thing for Georgia Tech.

Nothing unusual.

Nothing new,” a tweet from sophomore linebacker Ben Jacobs read.

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