Facebook gets ‘sneaky’ by letting you see photos, but not videos

Facebook is now allowing you to see photos on your Timeline, but you can’t view them.

The company says the feature is aimed at making it easier to share photos on social networks, and is part of a broader effort to make it easier for people to discover content and find friends.

“Users can now see their photos and videos on Facebook, but can’t see them anywhere else,” the social networking giant said in a blog post.

“This is one of many changes that Facebook is making to help make your experience even better, and it’s an exciting new way for people in your community to discover new content and new friends.”

The feature has been available on the web since April 2018, but only in countries where Facebook has a data centre in the US.

Users can view the images and videos they have posted on Facebook and in the Timeline, as well as any content that has been shared from the social network.

“We’re constantly improving how people use Facebook, so it’s important that people know when they’re sharing things that are important and useful,” the company said.

“If you’re sharing photos, you can also share videos.

And if you’re watching videos, you’ll be able to share them too.”

Facebook has previously used the feature to let users see photos of themselves.

In its blog post, the company pointed to “an overwhelming number of people” that are using the feature, with more than 5.5 million accounts sharing photos from their timelines in the last 12 months.

However, it said users should expect to be limited to one video or one photo per account.

“The only way to view videos on your timeline is to share a photo with a friend, and you can only watch video on Facebook for up to three days at a time,” the blog post said.

However the Facebook app now supports video on other social media sites like YouTube and Instagram.

It also says that users can use the feature on Facebook’s own devices, and on other devices from partners, such as Apple, Google and Amazon.

“Once you have a friend who uses the Facebook Timeline feature, they can view your photos on their device,” the post said, noting that it is not required for Facebook to do so.

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