D-Wave Systems, Inc. unveils new hoodies in honor of NFL ‘Cinderella’ story

D-wave Systems, a company that makes wireless security technology for companies such as Microsoft, Adobe, and Intel, unveiled the new hoods in honor the 2014 Cinderella story, the company said.

The hoods feature the D-waves logo on the hood, and feature the company’s new logo on both the front and back of the hood.

They also feature the word D-Wear on the back.

The company said the hoods will be available for preorder starting Thursday, November 4.

“We’re thrilled to be able to bring these D-wears to our customers,” D-Wsco CEO Joe Schumacher said in a statement.

The first of three hoods were launched on Thursday, and they feature a redesigned design of the company logo on each side.

The D-wear hoods have a removable zip hood, with a D-wing logo on one side, and a Dsw logo on another.

The back of each hood has an additional logo, and the back of one hood has a Dwear logo.

The third hood, which is available now, will be made available for $129.99.

The price tag of the first three hoodies is $199.99, and will be discounted to $129 when it is available for purchase on November 4, the Dwwear website said.

A D-Wing logo on a D sw-style hood is seen on the new D-wings logo hood at D-winds.com.

The first D-sw-style D-skins, pictured, were launched in September.

The logo features the D wears logo on either side, with the word CIRCLE on the front, and an asterisk next to the D wing logo.

D-Wings have become a popular choice among security professionals and others who want to incorporate D-planes into their own security solutions.

On Friday, the security-focused company announced it was going to add a new feature to its D-hawk line of security-oriented products: a logo for its security gear, D-Flyers, that will become available on October 4.

The brand said the Dflyers logo will be based on the logo of the Dwings, the first D wing, which debuted in 2002.

D-flyers will be the first of two new security products that D-SW will introduce next year.

The other, a D wing-powered security product called the DSW D wing.

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