Chipotle customer support: Chipotle staff to be replaced by bots

I don’t think there’s anything more satisfying than ordering a meal with my food and knowing that my order was delivered.

But that feeling is starting to fade, thanks to the rise of bots.

A new bot that was spotted by a tipster last week, has been taking orders for a few weeks now.

It seems to have taken over Chipotle’s customer service department.

The tipster says he ordered a couple of burritos at $4.95, and a couple more at $6.50, which is an order of magnitude more expensive than what they normally serve.

The bot, which can’t be identified, is using a code to identify itself as a Chipotle employee, which makes the order appear legitimate.

But Chipotle has a strict policy against accepting orders via its own employees, so we asked the company for clarification.

“Customers should call our customer service at (800) 642-5555 if they are having difficulty ordering or if they have questions about their order,” Chipotle spokeswoman Lauren Kastel said in an email.

“The best way to communicate with a customer is through a chat window, email, or phone call.”

When asked about the bot, Kastal wrote: “Customer service is always our top priority.

We are working closely with the customer service team to identify and address the issue.”

What’s more, Chipotle said the bots were part of a “recovery” program that began in January, and that it is working to address the bots.

“We are in the process of rolling out a number of automation improvements across our operations to help ensure customer service is more efficient and faster,” Kastall wrote.

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