Boost customer service is broken

Boost customer support is broken, according to an email obtained by the Irish Times.

Boost has confirmed to the Irish media that it does not support the email, which was sent to customers with issues related to their account.

The email, sent to a subset of its customers in January, was sent by a customer support team.

The team’s contact details were provided in an email sent to Boost’s website.

It says that a “team” is working on “customer service”.

It adds: “I want to be clear this email does not come from a customer service representative.

We want to reassure you that Boost has the support you need.”

Boost has previously admitted that it did not have the capability to support customer support.

Last year, the company announced a new service, which it claimed would be the first to offer “free credit cards” for Boost members.

It also promised to create a “fantasy football team” for customers who use the service.

It has also recently launched a new “social marketing tool” that offers the ability to share photos and other content with followers.

Boost’s marketing director, Michael Byrne, said in a statement that the new service would help boost the brand.

“The launch of the Boost fantasy football tool was driven by the desire to expand our social media presence and boost the value of our members’ accounts.

The Boost fantasy team feature will help us bring more value to our customers,” he said.

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