BICLOO and BICCLOY: The two biggest companies in India that are building their own brands to become global brands

A couple of months back, we had an opportunity to sit down with a few of the executives of the two leading BICLO and BicCLOY companies in the world.

It was a chance to learn about their plans and their business model.

We also asked them about their experience of the recent market turbulence and how they plan to handle it.

The following is an edited version of the conversation.

Read more: A lot of brands are losing traction as they struggle to keep pace with new trendsThe BICloy chief executive is Shabana Shah, who was previously the chief financial officer of Mysore-based Cipla and now runs the company as head of operations.

The other two are Rajesh Bose, the Ciplo chief executive, and Rakesh Chidambaram, the chief marketing officer at BICLCorp.BICLOY is an online-first company that sells its products through a network of over 2,500 online retailers.

The company has nearly $5 billion in sales.

Its chief financial office is located in New Delhi, India.

Its business is focused on online and offline commerce and digital content distribution.

The two brands have more than 500 stores across the world, including online stores in the US, Australia, and Canada.

Its brand-building has been in the process of a lot of change.

Last year, it began to build up its retail footprint in the Indian market, where it had almost no presence.

“India has been the epicentre of the growth of BICLIOB’s business in recent years,” said Mr Chidamba.

Bicloy launched in 2016 and has now sold over 8 million of its Lighters, and has plans to launch Lighters in the UK and other countries by the end of the year.

It’s expanding its product line to include Lighters with LED lights, Lighters without LEDs and Lighters that can be customized to suit a variety of lighting requirements.

Its online presence has also been expanded.

In April, the company launched a service in the United States called Lighter Maker, which is a platform for anyone to make custom Lighters and Lighter accessories.

BicsLights, Lightermaker and the LighterMaker app are all free.

They also offer a dedicated Lighter store on their website.

“Our goal is to build an entire ecosystem around the Lighters.

We are building a marketplace for Lighters so that all Lighters can be made available to the world,” said Shabna.

The Lighters are made from a mix of stainless steel, aluminium, titanium, stainless steel and aluminum, as well as titanium.

The brand has also expanded its online presence, with BICLGoyal, its Lighter app, launching last month.

The app allows users to create custom Lighter orders, including one for every Lighter.

“The Lighters have a life cycle of two years.

When they are new, they are light-weight and can be sold for $0.20.

But if they are over 1,000 grams and they are a bit lighter than our standard Lighters they are more expensive.

We think they can be more durable,” said Chidama.

Bichloy has over 2.2 million registered users and sells more than 1,600,000 Lighters a day.

It also launched an Lighter Marketplace, which enables users to sell their Lighters directly to other users, such as on Amazon or Etsy.

“The Lighter marketplace will become more and more popular, and we will soon be able to sell our Lighters to retailers,” said Bichloys head of business, Amit Kumar.

It has also launched a mobile app.

The BichLoy Lighter has a price tag of Rs 10,000, which may seem like a lot, but is actually a very affordable price.

“We have to think of the Lifestyle segment,” said Amit.

He added that it would cost less to ship Lighters from the US to India, than it would to ship it from India to the US.

Bich Lighters cost around $4 per gram, compared to $5 for the US version of Lighters as we reported earlier.

Mr Kumar said that the Littloy Lighters will also become available in the marketplaces of Amazon and Etsy.

The Amazon Littler is available for Rs 4,000.

“It is also cheaper to ship from the UK to India than from the USA.

It is the only Littlier that is available in India.

We have already been talking with Amazon India about this,” said the chief executive.

BICHLOY Lighters come in three colours, red, green and blue.

There are six different colours of Littles, which include red, blue, black, white, and gold. The brand

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