Australia’s first custom rug shop opens in Melbourne

A new custom-made rug shop in Melbourne has opened with the aim of selling custom-designed rugs and custom neon signs.

Rugs from a range of industries, including art, furniture, footwear, fashion, and automotive are available for sale online and at the shop.

The owner of the business, who asked to remain anonymous, said the aim was to sell custom-built and designed rugs to people who wanted a unique, unique product, and they were willing to pay a premium for a custom-crafted product.

“I’m a designer, and my business model is to design and make a product that people want to buy,” she said.

“But they want to make it with the best possible materials and the best quality of materials, so it’s very unique and unique and different to what I do every day.”

Rug-maker, designer and custom-maker David Clements said the idea came from a desire to make a design and have it be sold in a way that was unique to the business.

“There are some people that like the customisation aspect of the design, and then they’re also going to be like, ‘why don’t we do a sign too?'”

He said he wanted to create something that was not only something that you could actually buy but also something that could be customised.

“Customisation and design, I think, has become very mainstream over the past few years.

I think that’s a huge thing that people really want to take advantage of.”

Customers can choose between a wide range of materials and designs and can also choose their own logo, colours and design.

Mr Clements hopes that by providing a product to be sold by a designer he will be able to attract more people to the custom-designing business.

He said there were many people who would have chosen not to take up the custom design business, but the fact that it was available online, and that it is still a niche industry, was a huge plus.

“It’s just so cool, I don’t know how else to describe it,” he said.

He has created a range that has the potential to grow, and he has an eye on expanding to new markets.

“We’ll see what happens in the future, we have a long way to go.

I’m hoping to be able get a little bit bigger than I have already,” he joked.

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