Aetna has suspended access to its site for people who accessed it via their personal Google account

AetraZeneca Inc. announced Monday it had suspended access for its customers to its healthcare provider’s customer service site, citing “a number of high-profile incidents that caused a significant disruption to our service.”

Aetna’s customer support website had been accessed by more than 15 million people since March, the company said.

The site was “working to restore it as quickly as possible,” the company wrote.

“As soon as we can, we will work to reestablish a secure access point,” the insurer said in a statement posted on its website.

“AetraZeneca will work with its customers and others affected by this incident to ensure they are fully informed of the incident and our response.”

It’s not clear why the incident took place, but in February, the insurer suspended access after a man hacked into a network that monitors healthcare IT systems and obtained sensitive data, including patients’ medical history and insurance information.

The hack caused disruption in health care for millions of Americans and was a big reason the federal government pulled the plug on Medicare Advantage plans.

In addition to the hacking incident, Aetax has also been embroiled in a public dispute with the Federal Trade Commission over allegations that it withheld critical medical data from a California doctor.

Aetax said Monday that it had already removed the breach and that it was working with law enforcement and other regulators to restore the site.

The insurer said it had not yet determined how many people had accessed the site or the number of accounts affected.

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